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Multilanguage blogging

Creating an international blog. Using multiple languages on wordpress is not a built-in feature. To enable this feature we have a choice of several plugins:

  • Basic bilingual
    For now it only works for two languages.
  • Language linker
  • This seems a bit of hack, usefull, but not so elegant. You just use two complete wordpress installs, and the one points to the other.

  • Xili language plugin
    This looks like the correct way to make wordpress use more then one language. Every post has its own page and everything else gets translated as well.
  • Language plugin

    So far this is the one I use. It is also a bit hackish, but very simple to use, all text is posted within the same post. It uses tags around entries to distinguish them. For an example see further down.

Installation and use of the poplarware plugin

Installation is straightforward, copy the plugin to the plugin directory, enabling the plugin and make several changes. The first is some sort of a language switcher, for example in the sidebar:

  • On pages or posts you use the following:

    [lang_en]This is the post text in English[/lang_en]
    [lang_es]Esto es el texto del artículo en español[/lang_es]
    [lang_all]I want this text to appear for all languages[/lang_all]
    This text that is not in a language tag will also appear for all languages.

    For more examples and how to further make your side multilanguage, go here.


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